About Us


House of Grace and Hope is a new non-profit organization founded for the purpose of assisting orphans and families and individuals in need.  The board members of House of Grace and Hope seek to match generous donors with specific achievable projects in the United States and around the world.  The board is committed to identifying viable projects and maintaining a personal connection with the project and donors.  Current and planned projects include the construction of houses, support of organizations with shared objectives, support of education for individuals, and both emotional and physiological support for those in need.


During the past four years several on the board of House and Grace and Hope have had the opportunity to live and work in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Russia. We had the opportunity to join with the Harrison family who moved to Yuzhno Russia to support graduated orphans as they transition to adult life. The Harrison’s work has grown from first providing housing and emotional support for families to the most recent project to acquire land for additional housing to support greater numbers of orphans, including professional physiological support, education, professional skill development, and support of school attendance.


The board of directors of House of Grace and Hope seeks to support orphans and families in need around the world by connecting donors with specific achievable projects.  The board will seek out worthy projects and make the need known to donors.  The board is committed to regular communication with donors regarding project progress.  Over the next few years the board seeks to firmly establish House of Grace and Hope as an effective conduit of support for those in need in the United States and around world.