A property was purchased last year so the dream can become a reality for the House of Hope to own its own home. Upon completion of construction, this building will be used to increase the number of people helped, provide a better living and working environment, and enable the House of Hope to stop paying rent. The property purchased is an unfinished shell of a home located on a large piece of land in Yuzhno-Sakhalin, Russia. Construction plans were completed and work has started on converting this building into an ideal floor plan consisting of over 250 m2 of accommodations, office, and training facilities. This new home will accommodate up to 20 residents. The plot of land is ideally located and is large enough for future expansions of more structures when the need and resources arise. The purchase price of 4.4 million rubles (approx. $140,000 USD) was paid in cash using the building funds that had been collected and saved for the last several years. A construction committee made up of Sakhalin construction and project management specialists has been assembled to guide the process of managing the construction project.

The House of Hope is actively fundraising via their “100 Heroes” program, where they are looking for 100 individuals to donate $1,000 each toward the completion of the construction project. They are proud to announce the commitment of over 40 Heroes, but there is still a long way to go. Please join us in making this new facility a reality so that the team can move into the new home by Thanksgiving 2014.

House of Hope History

Tracy and Peter Harrison
The project started in 2005 when Peter and Tracy Harrison and their three children sold their possessions and moved their home from Australia to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, located in the far east of Russia. They set up a house to give hope and support to orphans and others in need of care. In 2010, House of Hope registered with the local government, created a board of directors, and now serves as a drop-in center and half-way house for youth and orphans who no longer have a place to live. The staff works tirelessly to meet the physical, emotional and cognitive needs of these youth, while building confidence, a positive attitude, and providing life skills to help them reach their potential.

The daily work consists of providing accommodation, food, clothing, a hot shower, and a place to wash clothes. The staff listens to emotional needs, celebrates birthdays and holidays, and role-models appropriate behavior. In addition to offering basic life skills such as budgeting, work ethic, and job interview preparation, the center also brings in a trained psychologist once a week to provide drug and alcohol counseling, and marriage and family counseling.

Currently, their premises are not large enough for further growth which prevents us from running training programs and caring for a larger population of these young adults. A new location with additional space will increase the number of people helped, provide a better living and working environment, and enable House of Hope to stop paying rent. We envision caring for over 150 kids at any given time, and a center that serves these young adults and helps them avoid prostitution, rape, abuse, alcohol, drugs, crime, and other challenge.